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vegan Scallops

vegan Scallops


Private Chef (In-Home)

5-Star Service | 5-Star Food

Why hire a private Chef?..

Are you a busy professional? New parents? Don't like to cook and clean? Health issues? On a special diet that is far too tedious to do yourself? Having a personal Chef frees you from all the work that goes into feeding yourself and family.

Enjoy freshly prepared meals, prepared in your own kitchen, to your specifications. Want a real breakfast but don't want to buy processed or frozen foods? Come home late from the office and just want to eat? Kids have a tournament this week? Spend more time with your family, get those pesky personal projects done, get together with that friend you swore you'd see or simply just sit back and take a mini-vacation from life for a little while.

Having a private Chef may seem extravagant but can be more economical than you would imagine. Depending on your needs and diet, meals can run anywhere from $10.00 each on up! Not to mention, how cool will it be to tell your friends you have a private Chef!

Unlike most "Meal" services, I am not confined by any menu, there is nothing for you to pick up, no waiting and most importantly, no sales agenda. My service and commitment is to you.

Rates starting at $300/day



Event Catering

Rates starting at $500

Ever fancy a multi-course wine dinner at home for you and your friends? How about all the work of a family get-together and getting stuck on the BBQ all afternoon? Need help with Thanksgiving? Let's not even talk about all the clean up afterwards...

I specialize in intimate get togethers limited only by the size of your imagination and venue. Romantic dinners for 2, Tailgating, Picnics, Holiday Parties*, Birthday Bashes, Bridal & Baby Showers, Special Occasions and more!


*Holiday rates may apply


Sonoran Style Rock Shrimp Cocktail

Sonoran Style Rock Shrimp Cocktail


”Chef Mike is by far the best chef I have ever encountered! I have been following him and his culinary features for many years. He never ceases to amaze myself and anyone that tries his food. I have had several events at my home and he has taken care of everything from shopping to prep to cleanup and I couldn’t ask for more!! If you have the chance to try his food you will understand what I mean. Ask for the pork belly and you will be hooked for life!!”

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